What is Libido?

The definition of Libido is: - emotional or psychic energy that in psychoanalytic theory is derived from primitive biological urges and that is usually goal-directed.

Or put much more simply, it's a persons sex drive which in turn is a measure of levels of certain hormones like testosterone.

All of us have our own personal levels of libido. Your day-to-day libido levels are effected by many psychological and social factors. Problems at work, with friends or with your partner will all lower your sexual desires & libido. If you are unhappy within a relationship and are angry with your partner it becomes hard to desire sex with them. Also, your sexual history and past relationships all combine to influence libido. It's very much a 'mental thing'.

What is Background Libido?

Longer term libido levels or your 'background' libido level can be effected by certain chemicals in your body, particularly your hormone levels. The types of foods you eat and the amount of exercise you take, can both have an effect on your libido levels and desire for sex. This is because they alter the chemical balance in your body, generally a healthy fit person will have a higher sex drive.

Men and Women are Different

Just as there are individual influences on our sexual libido levels, there may also be many differences between women and men when it comes to sexual desire.

Generally, women like to be romanced and spend plenty of time talking with their partner before the sex begins.

Men will often respond to spontaneity, visual stimulation like pornography, and just having a willing partner. Men do not seem to be as affected by a bad day or fatigue when it comes to sex either. These are generalizations, but it can be helpful to understand this and discuss these differences with your partner, including what your own personal libido enhancer's are and what lowers your libido.

Exercise to Increase Your Libido

Exercise regularly and you are likely to feel your libido increase. Exercise gets the the blood flowing around the body, it gets the heart pumping and is good for increasing the hormones, and increasing blood flow to the genitals.

'Libido can also be classified as the urge to create life. For humanity, the natural way in which this occurs is through sex. However at a deep subconscious level, the two can be merged as one, given the reason in evolutionary terms for sexual attraction and sex drive.' - wikipedia.

So to sum up - What is Libido, it's sexual desire. The levels of your libido can be increased by improving your emotional state and also by increasing your testosterone levels.

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